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About Jill Thomas

I love doing nails because I believe I’m naturally artistic, nurturing, patient, detail-oriented, I love working with people and I have an eye for beauty and style. I’m huge on shaping! My father and grandfather excelled in the dental world and taught around the world. My grandfather, Dr. Peter K. Thomas, invented dental tools and techniques that are still used today. My father made beautiful veneers, wax molds and worked with gold. He used to tell me, we have ‘it’ in our hands. He meant that genetically we are very good with our hands and know how intuitively to work with materials and small subjects. My sister is also a top hairstylist in Beverly Hills, specializing in color, cuts, and healthy, sexy hair.

I also believe that how our hands look influences whether we want to flaunt them or hide them. When our nails are done, we can be more free and expressive. Nails are an accessory, they are part of the package, they are like the icing on a cupcake, lipstick on the lips, perfume on the body. Whether going to the post office or an event, we feel more “together” when our nails are groomed.  I’m honored to be able to deliver nail service in a skillful way.

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What My Clients Say


I realized I needed a manicurist on set the night before our photo shoot and Jill Thomas Nails delivered. We were photographing close-ups of hands of all ages and JTN made everyone looked groomed AND feel good. Very professional, a positive attitude and lots of variety for colors. Jill Thomas Nails is my go-to for mobile nail service.

Christine K.

I have known Jill for 8 years or more. She is a talented professional who has worked with Williams/Gerald Productions on projects such as corporate films and video shoots for our Fortune 500 companies. Her manner is always discreet and charming. She gets the big picture, the overall objectives of a project and her place within it. Most importantly, Jill has a warmth and genuine personality that shines through in all she does.

Suzanne, Vice President/Executive Producer – Williams/Gerald Productions

My nails always look fantastic! I am so lucky to have Jill as my personal manicurist. Her attention to detail does not go unnoticed.

Monica Von Neuman, Luxaholics

Jill is one of the best nail tech’s I’ve ever worked with. My manicure and pedicure lasted so long. Love her!

Chaka Chan, Singer

It is my pleasure to recommend Jill to everyone. Her manicures and pedicures are the absolute best! Her knowledge of nail care, expertise in nail art and professionalism in dealing with clients give all of us hand and foot confidence! She always takes such good care of me and the friends, celebrities and production companies I have referred her to.

Robin Siegel, Makeup Head for “Friends”

Jill has been my manicurist for 3 years. Not only is she the best manicurist on earth, but she has style, charisma and personality. She works effectively with others and is a wonderful person to be around. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She has been working with nails for most of her life and has developed her own highly effective process. She is known in the entertainment industry for her perfect work, and is always in high demand. As I mentioned, Jill is the best.

Kathryn Irvine, Actress

Jill has been taking care of my hands and feet since 1999. I can truly say she is the right match for me due to her expertise, professionalism, warmth, and personality. She understands my nails as well as my full schedule. I love how she mixes colors just for me and my skin tone. Love her!

Amy Pascal, Chairwoman Sony Pictures

I must say, when I booked this service, I really had no idea how would all turn out. But I really liked Jill on the telephone, so I went for it. She came to my daughter’s birthday party with three other technicians, and it was a top-notch service. They came in under the radar, setup, flew, and in no time, we had a full-blown mani salon going in our backyard. This is the best idea for a party ever. But a lot depends on the quality of the technicians, and Jill’s business is awesome! Five stars/highly recommend!

Jaye Rogovin

I recently hired Jill to work on an editorial shoot for Zara. Jill and her co-worker did a fantastic job. They were punctual, brought a great selection of colors and brought a lovely, warm energy to the shoot! It was a busy morning with limited time for the model’s hair, make-up, pedicures, and manicures to be done before we needed to start shooting…but they worked efficiently and alongside the hair stylist to maximize the limited time and they did a brilliant job. I would highly recommend Jill for any production needs!

Emily O’Meara, Producer

I plan events for a living, and I recently needed to book a nail bar for a cosmetics gala event.  I found Jill online and was immediately drawn to what she had to offer. She was great from the very beginning — always friendly, professional,  readily available, made sure that she was meeting our needs, and did her best to work within our budget.  At the event, she and her colleague showed up looking very stylish (hey, it matters in this industry!) and worked for hours with smiles on their faces, doing absolutely perfect mini-manis.  They were a huge hit and had an extremely long line the entire time they were there!  Everyone was raving about them.  Highly recommended!

Vanessa O, Macy’s Special Events Coordinator

We hired Jill for a press event with a prestigious client of ours, and from start to finish – Jill was a joy to work with. Her knowledge of the nail industry ranks within the upper echelons of the beauty sphere, her professional manner is exceptional and I would recommend her whole-heartedly and without hesitation.

Kate Morgan

We hired Jill for our holiday party and she exceeded all expectations!  She’s passionate about what she does and by far the best nail technician I have ever met.  She’s a joy to work with.  She’s also professional, attentive and meticulous.  Jill was the talk of the party and everyone loved their manicure/nail art.  I look forward to my next manicure with Jill!

Lucky Magazine

Hi Jill, I hope you are having a great day. I am writing to you to today regarding the 2017 Kids Choice Awards Spa that we will be putting into action yet again! Your team did such a wonderful job last year and we really loved your energy that you brought into the space. If you are interested, I would love to have you back again in March.

Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

Thank you! Thank you! For making our office mani event so great. You were a gem to work with (from start to finish) and your services were impeccable! Everyone was happy with their manis and thanks for hand painting our event decal for one of the staff! You rock and hopefully we can have you back again! Thanks Jill!!