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When I get hired by a PR/Marketing company, I like to research the product line to find out as much as I can about it, so I can not only apply the product but speak about it’s unique qualities. I also make sure the client/public enjoys their nail experience so they walk away feeling like they really received a great service and great product.

What We Offer

I’ve worked on more sets than I can count. I know how to work efficiently & effectively with production, direction & talent to ensure a desired & positive outcome.

I understand the discretion and details involved & I've signed more NDA’s than I can count.

Whatever the occasion, as many or few technicians as you need, we got you covered. With my experienced and meticulous technicians, you’re guests will be thrilled!

Can’t get out, odd hours, or just want the convenience of our own home, we got you!

We’ve worked with some of the biggest household names like Nike and Nickelodeon. No matter how big or small, we got you covered.

When I’m hired, I like to research the product line to find out as much as I can about it, so I can not only apply the product but speak about it’s unique qualities. I also make sure the client/public enjoys their nail experience so they walk away feeling like they really received a great service and great product.”

What My Clients Say


Jill Thomas and her team provide our offices with professional and beautiful nails. It’s clear from their attention to detail that Jill and her wonderful technicians take nails very seriously. They’re always on time, and have a wide range of beautiful colors from fun and funky to work appropriate. Did I mention the longevity of their manicures, and pedicures? In this era of in office perks I highly recommend hiring Jill Thomas nails for your office, your employees will be incredibly happy you did. They’ll love their nails, and the wonderful vibe and conversations you’ll also get with Jill Thomas Nails. I highly recommend her services to anyone!

Sachi Sosna

Thank you! Thank you! For making our office mani event so great. You were a gem to work with (from start to finish) and your services were impeccable! Everyone was happy with their manis and thanks for hand painting our event decal for one of the staff! You rock and hopefully we can have you back again! Thanks Jill!!


I love having Jill on set because she works fast, and with such precision. Plus she’s one of the sweetest, most sincere people you will ever meet. We did two large automotive campaigns together this year where the focus was on applications that run with automotive technology. Many photos were close-ups of hands holding phones. Jill probably did about 60 manicures, and not a single one was sent back by the client. Thank you, Jill for being so wonderful! Let’s do it again soon!

98West Productions

Unequivocally Jill Thomas is a master at her profession. She is punctual, particular, takes tremendous pride in her work and is exceptionally professional in everything she does. Could anyone ask for anything more??!!

Carole S.

We hired Jill for our holiday party and she exceeded all expectations!  She’s passionate about what she does and by far the best nail technician I have ever met.  She’s a joy to work with.  She’s also professional, attentive and meticulous.  Jill was the talk of the party and everyone loved their manicure/nail art.  I look forward to my next manicure with Jill!

Lucky Magazine

We hired Jill for a press event with a prestigious client of ours, and from start to finish – Jill was a joy to work with. Her knowledge of the nail industry ranks within the upper echelons of the beauty sphere, her professional manner is exceptional and I would recommend her whole-heartedly and without hesitation.

Kate Morgan

I plan events for a living, and I recently needed to book a nail bar for a cosmetics gala event.  I found Jill online and was immediately drawn to what she had to offer. She was great from the very beginning — always friendly, professional,  readily available, made sure that she was meeting our needs, and did her best to work within our budget.  At the event, she and her colleague showed up looking very stylish (hey, it matters in this industry!) and worked for hours with smiles on their faces, doing absolutely perfect mini-manis.  They were a huge hit and had an extremely long line the entire time they were there!  Everyone was raving about them.  Highly recommended!

Vanessa O, Macy’s Special Events Coordinator

Jill is terrific.  I was so overdue for a pedicure, but no problem for Jill.  Now my feet look and feel terrific. She comes to your home, is very professional and efficient, yet relaxed and enjoyable to spend the time with.  She has helpful suggestions if asked.  She’s well equipped and very clean (hurray for that!).  Even my dog loved her.

Christine S.

I recently hired Jill to work on an editorial shoot for Zara. Jill and her co-worker did a fantastic job. They were punctual, brought a great selection of colors and brought a lovely, warm energy to the shoot! It was a busy morning with limited time for the model’s hair, make-up, pedicures, and manicures to be done before we needed to start shooting…but they worked efficiently and alongside the hair stylist to maximize the limited time and they did a brilliant job. I would highly recommend Jill for any production needs!

Emily O’Meara, Producer

Want the world to know that the amazing Jill Thomas gave me the best manicure of my life! FYI- I’ve been getting manicures regularly since I was 13 and am now 44. So I guesstimate I have had 1000+ manicures in my life. Happy to report Jill gave me the best manicure ever!!!!!!! …if I had a dollar for every compliment I have received on my manicure from Jill, I would have over $50 dollars! Seriously, Jill did my nails 12 days ago. Almost two weeks ago and I’m still receiving compliments! Just love how Jill took the time to shape my nails & paint them so perfectly. Plus, even better she has such a beautiful soul… Be one of the lucky/blessed ones- don’t delay- call Jill for the best manicure EVER!!!!

Kathleen Logreco

Jill’s mobile manicure is the perfect solution for your production. Her work compliments the natural beauty of talent’s hands, bringing the photo shoot to another level. Her professional, positive attitude are an addition to any set.

Pat Caldwell (2018)

I must say, when I booked this service, I really had no idea how would all turn out. But I really liked Jill on the telephone, so I went for it. She came to my daughter’s birthday party with three other technicians, and it was a top-notch service. They came in under the radar, setup, flew, and in no time, we had a full-blown mani salon going in our backyard. This is the best idea for a party ever. But a lot depends on the quality of the technicians, and Jill’s business is awesome! Five stars/highly recommend!

Jaye Rogovin

I’m soooo spoiled by Jill’s mani/pedi’s that I will wait 4 months in NYC without getting my nails n toes done. The second I get to Cali she is my first call! Luckily her mani-pedi’s are so damn good n strong n that my toes almost make it till then! No joke! NO ONE COMPARES n I’ve had the best of the best!

Drea DeMatteo (Adriana from The Sopranos)

Jill is incredible!! I am so grateful I found her. She is an excellent manicurist/pedicurist, and just a wonderful person. I could go on and on about her talent for doing beautiful nails. She is such a perfectionist and wants her clients to be truly happy. When she comes to my house, I feel comfortable, pampered, and very happy with my nails! I hope to be with her for a long time. Thank you Jill!!!

Mary D.

Jill has been taking care of my hands and feet since 1999. I can truly say she is the right match for me due to her expertise, professionalism, warmth, and personality. She understands my nails as well as my full schedule. I love how she mixes colors just for me and my skin tone. Love her!

Amy Pascal, Chairwoman Sony Pictures

I have had a problem with dry, thin, deeply-ridged nails for many years, Jill has helped them be so much healthier. I am thrilled! She is completely professional, and I am very happy to be her client.


Jill is efficient, conscientious, and extremely knowledgeable about foot and nail issues. Her experienced hands have resolved the problems I’ve had with my nails. I TRUST her!! Best of all, she is charming, thoughtful and beautiful! You’ll LOVE her!!!

Sharon R.

It was such a pleasure to meet you and have you be such an integral part of my 50th birthday festivities.  You are simply delightful and all my girlfriends enjoyed your company and their immaculate manicures and pedicures.  …I am selective about whom I invite into my home.  I love that your presence helped to imbue my new home with such tremendous “feel-good” spirit.  Thank you for making the weekend as special as it was.  You can be certain that I will not hesitate to recommend you to my circle of friends and contacts should an occasion arise when they want/need your expertise.


Hi Jill, I just wanted to let you know how happy I am with the manicure and pedicure. You really boosted my self-esteem when I really needed it, not only with what you did for my nails but also your caring manner. I can’t tell you how much better this is making me feel!! And I love the color you used on me, it’s a great match for my skin tone! Thanks again and take care.


Jill has been my manicurist for 3 years. Not only is she the best manicurist on earth, but she has style, charisma and personality. She works effectively with others and is a wonderful person to be around. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone. She has been working with nails for most of her life and has developed her own highly effective process. She is known in the entertainment industry for her perfect work, and is always in high demand. As I mentioned, Jill is the best.

Kathryn Irvine, Actress

Jill is the very best — that’s a given! But she is also beautiful and funny — that’s a bonus!

Kristie Alley, Actress

It is my pleasure to recommend Jill to everyone. Her manicures and pedicures are the absolute best! Her knowledge of nail care, expertise in nail art and professionalism in dealing with clients give all of us hand and foot confidence! She always takes such good care of me and the friends, celebrities and production companies I have referred her to.

Robin Siegel, Makeup Head for “Friends”

Jill is one of the best nail tech’s I’ve ever worked with. My manicure and pedicure lasted so long. Love her!

Chaka Chan, Singer

My nails always look fantastic! I am so lucky to have Jill as my personal manicurist. Her attention to detail does not go unnoticed.

Monica Von Neuman, Luxaholics

I have known Jill for 8 years or more. She is a talented professional who has worked with Williams/Gerald Productions on projects such as corporate films and video shoots for our Fortune 500 companies. Her manner is always discreet and charming. She gets the big picture, the overall objectives of a project and her place within it. Most importantly, Jill has a warmth and genuine personality that shines through in all she does.

Suzanne, Vice President/Executive Producer – Williams/Gerald Productions

I suffered from being an extreme nail picker. At one point I ended up in urgent care due to taking my entire nail off. At that point, I knew I needed help. I tried many different salons and many different products but none of them worked. And then I found Jill online and thought what the heck, I’ll give her a try. She knew exactly what to do for my nails!  She has transformed my hands and therefore has changed my life. I now have hand confidence, something I never thought I would have. And I’m slowly letting go of my bad habits. She’s not your typical manicurist, she pours her heart and soul into her work, takes it very seriously and with many years of experience knows what to do for each unique situation. If you’re looking for something different she is your girl.

Bruce W. May 2019

Jill is AMAZING!!! She does nails like No One Else, absolutely meticulous… and I have tried many different manicurists to find the perfect one! Such attention to detail and Always customizes your nails to achieve Exactly what you want. My nails were a total mess and I thought impossible to fix before Jill but she works miracles with even the worst nails… and a Beautiful person with a great spirit on top of all that! So glad I found her, I will never let anyone else go near my nails again!

Rosie M. ~Santa Monica

Previous Clients

  • Taylor Swift for AT&T -commercial (Oct 2017)
  • Taylor Swift- music video Ready For It (Oct 2017)
  • H&M with Victoria Justice for Girl Up Campaign – 4 techs (Aug 2017)
  • Asics – Shutters Hotel, Santa Monica – 3 technicians
  • Disney – Holiday/Wellness Day for Employees – 3 technicians
  • TJ Maxx (Print)
  • Dasani (Print)
  • Sony – PlayStation tutorial (commercial)
  • Apple print ad
  • Zales print ad
  • LeSports Sac Santa Monica Place -holiday promotion for customers 2 technicians
  • Pacific Design Center- holiday party 3 technicians
  • Macy’s – Multiple locations throughout Southern California
  • Beverly Hills Rent A Car- L.A.’s top concierge’s gratitude/marketing event
  • Toyota for The Revlon Run/Walk Event – L.A. Memorial Coliseum 10 technicians
  • American Express
  • McDonald’s
  • Palter Deliso
  • Nickelodeon KCA
  • Jouer
  • Nespresso
  • Justin Bieber
  • Taylor Swift
  • Mariah Carey
  • Matthew McConaughey
  • Kevin Heart
  • Camila Alves
  • Kobe Bryant
  • Jennifer Lopez
  • Wiz Kalifa
  • Giuliana Rancic
  • Ariana Huffington
  • Dutchess Sarah Ferguson
  • Jennifer Aniston
  • Courtney Cox
  • Kirstie Alley
  • Dame Judy Dench
  • Mariah Carey
  • LL Cool J
  • Will Smith
  • Harvey Keitel
  • Kerry Washington