Kathleen Logreco

Want the world to know that the amazing Jill Thomas gave me the best manicure of my life! FYI- I’ve been getting manicures regularly since I was 13 and am now 44. So I guesstimate I have had 1000+ manicures in my life. Happy to report Jill gave me the best manicure ever!!!!!!! …if I had a dollar for every compliment I have received on my manicure from Jill, I would have over $50 dollars! Seriously, Jill did my nails 12 days ago. Almost two weeks ago and I’m still receiving compliments! Just love how Jill took the time to shape my nails & paint them so perfectly. Plus, even better she has such a beautiful soul… Be one of the lucky/blessed ones- don’t delay- call Jill for the best manicure EVER!!!!